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Mantra Warranty

Sunglass Care

Our optical craftsmen have built each and every pair of Mantra™ eyewear with tremendous care and consideration to the smallest detail. Our multi-point inspection process ensures that with proper care your new Mantra™ glasses will offer lasting protection.

The best way to clean your Mantra™ eyewear is with mild liquid soap, warm water and a clean soft cotton cloth. The micro fiber case provided with your Mantra™ glasses can also be used to clean your new sunglasses. As with any optical product, scratches and or breakage can and will occur if not properly cared for. We do not recommend using paper products when cleaning as this can scratch the lens coatings.

Storing your glasses in the protective case when not in use will also extend the use of your Mantra™ eyewear. Do not leave your glasses on a surface of intense heat such as a car dash. Your eye care professional can make adjustments to custom fit your eyewear if needed.

Sunglass Repair

Mantra™ eyewear are warrantied against manufacture defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to glasses that have been subject to improper or unreasonable abuse, normal wear and tear and accidental breakage or scratched lenses. We will replace or repair at our option any part of Mantra™ eyewear. A valid proof of purchase receipt is required and incidental shipping charges will apply. For a return authorization number, please call or email our customer service department.

Phone: 888-270-0097

Email: info@mantraoptics.com

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