The Mantra Story

Did you know that most of the eyewear “Brands” today are just a license to a single conglomerate? In fact, 80% of the sunglass market is now controlled by that same company trying to monopolize your experience artificially keeping prices high! Mantra is an independently owned and operated company which focuses on bringing fearless products to the market at surprisingly reasonable retails.

Dana Wears Kangchenjanga

Brian Wears K2

The Mantra™ Promise

When it comes to your eyes, our mantra is simple; build the best sunglass possible at a value that pleasantly surprises our customers. Starting with our proprietary ground and polished, ultrathin 1.6mm glass polarized lens. We combine old world craftsmanship with the most advanced optical technology available. We believe that great sunglasses should not need to cost as much as an iPhone!

Amy Wears Manasula

The Mantra™ Mission For The Eyecare Professional

Mantra™ was started to help independent eye care professionals overcome the challenges of competing against the big box stores. Our mission is to empower the ECP with a better product and the ability to offer your patients eyewear superior choices not found in the eyewear chain stores.

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